The first thing I noticed was one of her legs actually missing from the box itself though it was sealed. She is one of the main characters of the KonoSuba series. thank you! Mandarake Be sure to be careful buying nendoroids in the future. Series. Theres a Pre-owned one up on Amiami ( if you dont mind an open box item. I bought it for 24.30$ Oh bother! or if there are any others on ebay/elsewhere you would recommend instead? Well now I know why the Asuna figure from SAO looked weird, her legs were also detached and the swords wouldnt stay in their slots and when I tried fixing her I noticed a lot of red from her skirt was rubbed on the inside of her. I just purchased sena from AmiAmi, but I bought Asuna and Iron Man from ebay, And those ebay sellers are from China and Hong Kong, I just bought from them because their feedbacks are good (but also found some negative feedbacks). I wanted to thank you so much for this! Compare yours to the counterfeit and the user pictures- Do not compare yours to the prototype. I usually find that the be the easiest place to spot differences!). Thank you again for this. And ive also asked some photos of nendo which is stated MISB. The Date Masamune Nendoroid and Sanada Yukimura Nendoroid were released in 2012. I have read the whole thing including all the comments which took me I think 3 hours (And Im a fast reader) T^T But its worth it xD I was going to buy my first nendoroid, looking on all websites for the cheapest I could find without realizing that there were fakes! In addition to production and manufacturing, our business includes design, marketing and distribution. Yeah it definitely looks like the the one on the right is real, especially when you look at the differences in the graphics of the box, HI frasbob! Vous tes au bon endroit ! Was just making sure because I literally found no one who talked about this being an issue or not that much, nice to see this place is still going as well :b. Frasbob, this is a very good article! Hi Ive just now recently gotten into collecting figures. Plus one of the minis had no movement (though she seems to have been glued together so this may account for it). That is the only thing that seemed off after I fixed the arm issue. Also, another great resource is GoodSmiles Bootleg Warning list. Did you buy her recently? 2. im really interested in this katsura hinagiku -> I guess I lucked out because his outfit and color scheme is so simple that itd take a real dumb**** to screw up that paint job Oh, and of course I bought it on eBay. Sorry to hear about your fake nendoroid, Hope you have better luck in the future! Definitely check it out! The box design is inspired by the Bandai One Piece figurines. Here you can get a look at the neck joint and how it doesnt match the face color as I mentioned earlier. It might be a bit more clear in this picture here: notice the difference in packaging. This is really helpful! My Flandre is actually really nice compared to some other counterfeits Ive stumbled upon. Some sellers are just lazy and don't want to take pictures for every listing, but some use that as a trick to make you think you're getting an official item, when you're really going to get a bootleg. Nendoroid & Mini Figures | Tokyo Otaku Mode (TOM) Shop: Figures & Merch From Japan Shop Figures & Dolls Nendoroid & Mini Figures Nendoroid & Mini Figures Sort by Newest Nendoroid. 1. Especally if your a 13 year old otaku collecting nendorids. But overall I think people would be happier saving up for an official figure as compared to buying a fake. I definitely do want to get her and kuroneko sometime in the future, but they are on hold for now. Stock photos: Make sure you are seeing pictures of the ACTUAL product, not photos taken from the goodsmile site or some other website. I just want to make sure, because Ive never bought Nendoroids before (and the price seems too good to be true.) Thank you so much for writing this article. The more commonly-asked of those deal primarily in resins from studios which do not have a license from the Japanese IP holders to produce merchandise. Oh ok thats great to hear, thanks a bunch once again. Well now that you know more about spotting fake nendoroids hopefully you can steer clear of those bootlegs. Definitely going to make me take a second look at the ones in book stores now too. Something ive noticed on ebay is most of the time the people selling bootlegs make no mention what so ever of the manufacture or have a note saying not orignal version chinese version or something like that in there listing since it is against ebays terms of use to misrepresent the item. Be particularly careful to check that the company in the "Brand" line matches the item's official producer, and watch for questionable text as mentioned above. It can be fairly common for figmas to have issues like this. Ive gotten quite a few where Ive had the hardest time getting the peg into their back, sometimes Ive even taken a small knife and widened the hole where the peg goes in so I could get it to fit! Figurine l'chelle 1/7 ici au meilleur prix. Thanks for the comment!, The boxes were quite smashed up though and some of Mikus joints needed to be fixed. Parts often fall off without even being touched. . I went to look on eBay for a Sonic Nendoroid, as Im a huge Sonic the Hedgehog collector and have never been able to find any Sonic Nendoroid for under fifty dollars. You know, there are some people who cannot afford to buy genuine-nendo, and they dont mind with the fakeas long they can own the physical substance of their idol-chara. Figure Good Smile Company at the best online prices at eBay! 420 reviews. The sticker (its round) says Kadokawa Production which is the company licenses Haruhi Suzumiya and the box is neat, has no discoloration. Obviously there are people who mark things up even if they are a bootleg. Kotobukiya do a really good job on them, the Idolmaster ones are quite striking. Crunchyroll Store Figures Nendoroids Sale KonoSuba! But I know its not a bootleg, however, I read this just to mame sure. Looked at the box unfortunately no sticker, just one for sale out side of japan. I just made my first nendoroid purchase as I bought a Kirito(SAO), Asuna(SAO), and Hatsune Miku(Vocaloid) nendoroid from the Crunchyroll store. . *Points where it could be a fake:* All figures sold on crunchyroll are legit, so theres nothing to worry about . With over 300 different designs , only a handful have ever been reprinted; many of the endless Hatsune Miku models are the exception(and just recently Shimakaze from Kantai Collection). Thanks. Any other questions/comments/feedback is greatly appreciated ^^. U.S. Standard rates includes Guam, Puerto Rico, Alaska and Hawaii, Free U.S. Most nendoroids run from around 3,000 JPY ($36.40 USD at the current exhange rate) and up. And the forum is : Another indicator is if MyFigureCollection doesn't list the either the statue, its manufacturer, or the shop it's being sold on. My guess is the figure was probably opened at some point and then taped back up. Create an account to follow your favorite communities and start taking part in conversations. Yea the sakura miku is different from most bootlegs as you mentioned since she has a different box. And, quite oddly, the fake-nendo has it own fan-base. 2 has come another extremely popular Nendoroid doll - Megumin! One of them is real, and one is fake. You can see in the top pick how the paint has that shine to it, while the official nendoroid has a more matte paint job. I think shes an older one because she has a round stand. I think you were a bit harsh on ebay sellers the main thing with using it is just read the listing if its bootleg theres a lot of give aways with whats said in it. A fuzzy or pixelated image is a dead giveaway. User reports from Mercari depict a wide range of scenarios, with good sellers mixed in with people egregiously marking up their merchandise and more than a few bootlegs. Ill give you credit of course! If it says something like chibi figure and/or does not say good smile company or orange rogue in the title it is fake. Ill keep in watch for those in the future for sure, but one question: I have at least seen some nendoroids and other figurines in a site called Crunchyroll (The anime-watching site also has a shop online) but Im not sure if I should trust that site? Yeah its a shame that shops carry fake nendoroids, but good job avoiding them! I have a premium membership with Crunchyroll, they are a legit business and I can almost guarantee all the figures they sell are real. Although at this point Im probably so used to unboxing figures that I dont smell it anymore ^^;; Thanks for this awesome article! June 3, 2022 . None of them had extra faces or hands to swap around. My question may be a bit stupid, but Im new to internet shopping and Id rather be safe than sorry. and im pretty confused right now, and to be honest this is my first time buying from online shop. Once again you can see the differences in paint job, how the fake one has paint smudges, discolored skin, etc. i.. She has had two releases, first in September 2017, and then a re-release in May 2019. Is a good store to buy figures? I found a Hatsune Miku nendoroid on . You know, may be we have to call you The Nen-guru. If you dont mind me asking, how much did you pay for the figure? So again, Thank you! A lot of nendoroids that are sold through US distributors have the Sales outside Japan only sticker as they are shipped to the distributor for foreign sales. It might be a decent quality figure, or it might be terrible. Its a great place to find figures that might be hard to find. Orders shipping outside of the U.S. may be subject to additional fees such as import / customs fees. It is the Akahitoha version. Thanks, Im gad that my first purchase was legit. From what you described it does sound like you have a legit nendoroid. The JK Blazer looks great on her which shows off her gorgeous body which is normally hidden by her usual outfit. The snow miku nendoroid will be a bit more tricky to find. (Second Preorder). For more details on our Shipping and Return policy check our. what happened to zechariah when he doubted the angel; megumin nendoroid bootleg. ( ) This is why its important to know how to spot a fake nendoroid! Regarding the wings, it was very badly distributed with paint inside the crystals and the centers were very clearly transparent. These will be a great help to new collectors! Thanks for the comment! I finally decided n bought my very first nendoroid recently from the shop you recommended on the post. please respond asap cuz im considering pre-ordering it and that ends on the 14 From the anime series 'KONO SUBARASHII SEKAI NI SYUKUFUKU WO! Occasionally you might be able to find one second hand through amiami or mandarake for cheap but it can be hard. All of those nendoroids are fake. This was take at the New York Comic Con 2011 (A con that supposedly has a no bootleg policy -.-), and there were fake nendoroids the year before and still in the 2012 show. I checked my orginal hatsune miku nendoroid and I know it is not fake at all. Just because its from Hong Kong doesnt necissarily mean it is a fake figure. I might end up keeping it anyway, though, as Good Smile apparently refuses to sell Flandre anymore. Madoka should definitely come with a stand, is the stand missing from the package? She's been recreated in an energetic pose with an innocent smile, bringing out Megumin's adorable charm. Remember: just because a seller has good feedback doesnt necessarily mean they dont sell fakes. That was pretty rude of the seller to say it was an official nendoroid, but unfortunately there are sellers out there looking to make money off fake products. i just saw your response to another comment there is also a sebastian one on Plamoya that is cheaper than the ebay listing and it is in stock. To be sure you can compare your luka with the official photos to ensure that yours is real. One that was sliced open, then another on top of that. I didnt see any Nendoroids at the con I went to. Other than that they are both good figures. Have you seen that before? Oh this is such an useful article. Any tips on finding preowned Megumin figures that arent fakes? The official Goodsmile Online shop. I wanted a Date Masamune (from Sengoku Basara) Nendoroid but when i went onto the websites that youve mentioned that sells legit Nendoroids and other products from GCS, i couldnt find it. After all its the policy. If its your first time buying a nendoroid, it isnt likely that you can tell just by the box, and I dont recommend using this method. Preorders will be open from 26th May 2022 (Thu) from 12:00JST until 7th July 2022 (Thu) at 12:00JST. never thought about a fake one before!! thanks for that. You have a bootleg! If there is no sticker, the sticker appears to be tampered with,or the sticker image is simply printed onto the box, you likely have a bootleg! Ok cool, yeah I noticed I failed to mention they were prize figures and also just the other day noticed that most prize figures do say made in china on the back, but then noticed a fair amount of imperfections and got kinda iffy again. I opened up the box at home. Please note that images shown may differ from the final product. Set where you live, what language you speak, and the currency you use. My best guess for why the sticker is on there is the distribution company put them on after they imported the figures from japan to show they are slated for localized distribution only. Some people in the comments say its a fake ^^'' (also I am never buying from Milanoo ever again) I cant tell if they are certainly boot legs because they are actually alright (eyes are aligned and the skin isnt discolored) However, it took me a great deal of sorting through fakes to find a good buy. What I noticed is that the ball joint for the upper torso easily comes off, making him hard to pose with say the 3d gear as the bottom part came off if I wasnt careful. #33 of 130 hotels in Nuremberg. She comes with three face plates including a smiling face, a serious face for spell casting as well as a cute bashful expression. Along with her arm being completely loose. If you want to buy a nendoroid online, which is how most people get nendoroids these days, there are a few things to know in order to keep yourself safe: If the price a of a nendoroid is too good to be true, chances are it is just that. While Asuna had a second release, Kirito only had one release so theres fewer of him out there, which of course severely jacks up the price. You could send me some pictures and Ill have a look, hopefully your figure is legitimate! there are a good few on ebay that say they are from japan, but im still uneasy about it, and theyre expensive. The box looked authentic though she did not have the authenticity sticker. On the other hand, authentic figmas that are exported to be sold overseas may be labeled with a white sticker in place of the holographic sticker. Most fake nendoroids come with the generic round stand in the first pic, whether it actually fits the nendoroid or not ^^. Be sure to display her with the previously released Nendoroid Aqua! Here you can get a better comparison look of the two nendoroids. i know the article says to avoid ebay, but i cant seem to find any legitimate ones anywhere else. All stuff Crunchyroll sells is legit, Have you heard of this figure being easy to break? Lets get started. Im so glad I checked this out before purchasing, thank you very much!! A cheap nendoroid is probably cheap for a reason: its a fake. L is a very popular bootleg nendoroid, since he was released a long time ago its probably more common to find the bootleg version than the official Goodsmile one. 4. I havent heard too many horror stories of fakes listed, however there still is a possibility since its based on the seller. These are a different kind of bootleg nendoroids. Although I do have the Kirino figma . Be sure to look at the feedback for the seller to make sure they are legit. Click on the red text to see pictures of the bootleg. It does have the AAA anime distribution sticker on the bottom, but on the front has a not for sale in Japan sticker (a bit smaller than a stamp. Hmm really hard to tell at this point. weird, Hello, this is extremely helpful! Also keep in mind that different types of figures vary in quality. ** total_quantity ** | ** unit_price ** / ** unit_measure **, ahh sorry about that, because i was posting the comment from my mobile phone and not paying attention. I was wondering if the below item is legitimate ( Just as a confirmation, this is from your fav recommended site, but price seem to be lower than the other site I looked at) Jlist. Thanks. Theres a Katsura nendoroid up for sale on Mandarake for 2,000 which is a good price (although youll have to pay for shipping from Japan) : Todays bootleg nendoroids are getting so much better that they require even an experienced collector to thoroughly study them to identify as bootleg (the ones you show here are relatively easy to identify). I would be a bit weary buying some of those really cheap nendoroids (. Phew, that sure was a lot. I havent bought from ebay in a while, but I just checked some listings today after reading your comment and you make a good point about sellers not saying its an official goodsmile figure. I never knew there were fake Nendoroids! What should i do? I am going to buy my boyfriend a Guilty Crown Nendoroid from a site you suggested. Doesnt sound like luck, more like you were ripped off. So no need to worry! These fees are applied per package, and are not included in the cost of the order. The seller was from Japan and they did say it was for a limited time sale but Im still mad at myself. A bad print job is a sign of a fake nendoroid, plus fake nendoroid boxes are a bit flimsy compared to real ones. I dont want them all but dont want to risk selling a knockoff as a legit accidentally. Just the box alone can be a big indicator, fake nendoroids boxes can be damaged as you can maybe tell in the previous pictures (Although do note that just because a box is damaged does not mean it is a fake nendoroid). Confusing. Please use this thread to post any and all questions you might have regarding counterfeit figures. I hope Ive helped you in learning how to spot a fake nendoroid and what to look out for. I am wondering if theyre bootlegs. I just found out a few months ago that they were bootlegs, as Jun Senoue put on his Twitter that the company that made all of these soundtracks only produces unofficial products. Yes, all the figures on hobby search are legit. The mikasa nendoroid hasnt been officially released yet (She will be released later this month), so anybody trying to sell you a figure that isnt released is obviously selling you a fake. I cant think of any official nendoroid products off the top of my head that dont have at least some movement Im curious, which nendoroids were they? I was really disappointed. If you cant really figure out then its okay haha Ill find another site :3. Good article. I am new to buying Nendoroids and I was wondering if this Nendoroid is real. It was then that I learned to judge whether something was fake or not by how much it cost and where it was from (China produces a lot of bootlegs). While online articles can certainly help, the best way to learn is just through experience. The good thing about amazon is that customers can write reviews, which will tell you if the nendoroid is real or not. All had been deboxed. Is Made in China the only thing on the base? Chances are your nendoroid is legit, rightstuf does sell authentic merchandise so they definitely dont sell bootlegs. Its such a shame this bootleg business goes on. Hi, The thing about buying nendoroids (especially more recent ones) is that its very hard to find cheap ones below the MSRP. Great! The small parts are held in with tape in the fake one, something that is rarely done with real nendoroids if at all. Also, dont buy Nendroids at Thank you so much~. Those two I got for xmas. Reference: OKL_014160_N. The seller seems to have good reviews, and at that price point it shouldnt be a fake, but Ive never purchased from that particular seller on Amazon so I cant say for sure. Thank you so much for this article!! And hell be for display in my room anyway. : Theres other sellers like Borderless World [JAPAN], anime santa etc. 26 days ago ⊛-Greedy-Is anyone willing to sell me the bonus pieces from them? $178.12. Keep in mind that some nendoroids wont have authenticity stickers dues to how theyre licensed, and if I remember correctly Sonic is one of the nendoroids that doesnt have a sticker of authenticity on his box. ! I have never actually seen Bootleg nendoroids before, but now that i know, ill be able to identify Bootleg nendoroids. Is it the original BRS nendo version? Im terribly sorry if Im bothering you however after readinh your magnificent article I just had to ask one thing. It really is a shame that there are fakes at conventions, especially a major convention like Otakon. Sellers from Japan are usually a safe bet for a real figure. My guess would be the figure skating is just a bad translation. Now, if a nendoroid is on sale for cheap that can be a different story, which is why its good to know trusted online dealers. But you will be getting a legitimate figure, and since most places are sold out of Kirito at the moment going with Nippon Yasan is probably your best bet. Almost all fake nendoroids come out of China, so if the seller is from China there is a good chance the figure is fake. I have bought nendoroids on Amazon before and I have not gotten a fake so far, but I only buy from items/sellers that have good reviews. they are very hard to find! Thank you so much for this article!,,, Well, too late now. Thanks for the comment! Then I took the figure out, arms fell out ( became scared because posts are saying one that falls apart when you touch it are likely fake ones). Also, feel free to follow me on Twitter or like us on Facebook! Forehead is exposed a little more than normal Im actually made fun of a bit because Im so anal about being careful with all of my collectibles, hadnt really even posed the Sonic and the head just plopped off. Orders containing multiple products may be shipped out in separate packages. MFC =; Its a must have resource for anyone whos into figure collecting! ; _ ; feeling kinda sad cause i just bought a fake one, Ah well, i love this article! I have a question. Because my Rin Kagamine nendoroid has that base and shows no hints that its fake. Read our Cookie Policy. GhostyMango 2 yr. ago. If you have any questions to ask, be sure to leave a comment and Ill do my best to answer! Check MFC if you're unsure of what youre looking at. No shiny face perfect paint job and well fit! Buy CAworks Megumin School Uniform Ver. Well I did get it from eBay and from a Chinese seller for cheap. The paint is shiny; the face expresions are switched; though the face plastic seems to be the color it has to be; the hair bangs + back are shiny and opaque; but the twintails are transparent and with gradient, same with the snow-leek; the tie is plain blue; the shirt is opaque white (the original is perled); joints are a different color; theres a possibility that it might not have the base (or maybe that just happened to me), Away from that, the paint job is really nicely done, the parts dont fall off at all, (at least, with mine), and shes really pretty, so Id say this bootleg is worth buying if it is cheap, you dont care its fake, and live in a country where its impossible to get something official without spending around $1000 or even more (in Argentina, a real nendo might cost $700 or more. There was a nendo I wanted to buy from that same seller. Free shipping for many products! Help me out a little bit! Man I love Plamoya. Pingback: / // . wow! Thank you so much! Be sure to be careful buying in the future! So far anyone that Ive talked to who has used to buy nendoroids has gotten a fake. Thanks for your help! Its hard to notice the stand when looking at a boxed nendoroid, but its just something extra you should know. Is the neck joint itself broken, or is there just a loose fit? Its strenght from black rock shooter and I am now paranoid that I got a fake. Glad you liked the article! Our products are usually based on anime, manga or games that are popular in Japan, China, and the USA. Thanks again for any help. Kono Subarashii Sekai ni Shukufuku o! your guide was the first thing I went to after received the figure. Source: I work as staff at an Anime convention. Her box was not in the best shape either, so that couldve been one of the issues for the missing leg. but good quality dammit. This white sticker should read "SALES OUTSIDE JAPAN ONLY". For example if the photo looks like this: Price plays a huge role in looking at things on ebay. 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